Blue Smoke Dance Tie Dye Wrap

Made from high quality cream cotton and wool yarn recused from defunct NYC knitting mills.

Knit in a heritage wincey pattern. We then gave our textual canvases to Maegan Neubeck to create her botanically sourced  landscapes for a true catskill mountains collaboration.

Each piece is a one of a kind. There is no other like it.

Upcycled/rescued eco-luxurious 50% high twist Italian wool/50%natural undyed cotton. The blend of these yarns creates a slightly quilted textured pattern for an incredible drape and hand feel. 

Dye:   Tie dye wrap
-Multi dip with marigold, pomegranate and logwood/iron 

Size:24x72 inches

Machine wash, delicate, cold water, just a little soap and a bit of fabric softener then tumble dry on low heat delicate cycle, press with a warm iron when just slightly damp.