liaMolly is a sweater collection deeply rooted in the culture of knitting and inspired by traveling the globe, discovering magical places, studying fashions past and cultures around the world. Our knits are timeless, meaning we are as far from fashion as we can be if you define fashion as something that comes and goes like the seasons.

Impassioned by a recovering New Orleans, liaMolly supports sustaining local communities and developing earth-friendly, organic practices. We draw from the creative energy found in collaborating with local artists and craftsmen - aspiring to humanize fashion and elevate comfort clothes to the sublime - buttery yarns and heirloom accents. We want our sweaters to be affordable and to be sold in neighborhood boutiques so that people can grow their local economies.

Fall 2009 I would like to pay an homage to the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans, a deep source of inspiration for me because of their skill, craft, and community. This collection has wildflower jacquards, tapesty weaves, dancing hummingbirds, haberdashery mixed with Native American Indians and the secretive society of Mardi Gras Indians. I am so inspired by time and effort that goes into each suit and the pride of showing the year's worth of work, the ulitmate fashion show as far as I am concerned.


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